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Find The Best Employment LawyersCenturies ago, protection from unjust treatment from employers was not an issue. Not that unfair labor practices did not exist but because giving employees some level of protection was never considered. In the centuries past, employees were paid at very low wages. They did not have health insurance nor did they have pension. Their work schedules seemed endless and considerations for work conditions were never taken into account. These days, things have come far from what they were centuries back. Thanks to employment law, employees now have protection from unfair treatment by their employers. And should there be any form of unjust practices; employees can turn to the best employment lawyers NYC for help.

Different Areas wherein Best Employment Lawyers NYC Can Help You

You can expect New York employment lawyers to be current with the continually changing concerns within the realm of labor and employment laws. They pay special attention to the needs of their clients and they are keen on seeing the cases they handle through until the end. These lawyers are always willing to discuss the best strategies to take in chasing a resolution to the case at hand. Examples of legal fields they handle include:

1. Discrimination. Among the most serious offenses involving labor and employment laws is workplace discrimination. NY employment lawyers represent workers who have reasons to believe they have been discriminated based on their age, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, pregnancy, genetic predisposition, disability, perceived disability, prior criminal records, and several others.

2. Harassment. Harassment should not have a space in our place of work, most especially sexual harassment. Harassment in the office is not only sexual in nature – it can take other forms, including bullying either by supervisors or co-employees.

3. Hour and wage claims. A New York employment lawyer can represent employees in a broad range of  hour and wage claims disputes. These include misclassified employees, violations of the Wage Theft Prevention Act, cash payment issues, and failure of employers to disburse overtime wages.

4. Representation for whistleblowers. The Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) acts forbid publicly-traded companies, as well as their subsidiaries, from hitting back employees who have reported corporate fraud to government agencies or corporate officers. If you have reason to believe your employer has hit you back for reporting fraud in the company, you can contact an employment attorney so you can be more aware of what rights you have.

5. Alternative dispute resolution for grievances. An employment lawyer in NYC can provide representation for union members, civil service employees, and other government workers in grievance processes, as well as arbitration. An employment and labor lawyer in New York can also provide representation to workers who do not have representation from unions but who are under employers who have informal arbitration or grievance processes.

6. Representation for Employers and Businesses. Employment and labor lawyers can also represent employers and business in a broad variety of employment laws, including defense against claims of retaliation, discrimination, hour and wage law violations, breach of contract, and employee misclassification in appropriate venues – court, arbitration, and mediation.

How to Find the Best New York Employment Lawyers

1. Ask for referrals from family and friends. Talk to your family and friends about the problem. In doing so, ask for referrals. A member of your family or a fiend might know of some NY employment lawyers who have handled or presently handling labor and employment issues similar to yours. They can very well give you advice or they can refer you to a colleague should they be unable to give you counsel.

2. Check the Bar Association. The Bar Association is a good place to search for the employment and labor attorneys. Searching for an attorney through the Bar Association in your area gives you a certain level of assurance that you will be dealing with a reputable lawyer.

3. Draft a list of names. Narrow down your options to three or five names. Give each of the lawyers a call to schedule an appointment. In this way, you can get the chance to talk to them personally and not just over the phone. In meeting a New York employment lawyer, tell him or her about the details of your problem. Attorneys need to know the details so they can help you in the best manner possible.

4. Ask questions. It helps to list down the questions you need to ask a lawyer before your scheduled appointment. There is a good chance that your mind will seem to stop working once you are in the office of a lawyer. Do not allow yourself to be intimated. Keep in mind these lawyers need your business.

The best employment lawyers NYC can indeed help you in your employment and labor law concerns. Just make it a point to talk to a number of lawyers so you can find one you can really trust. Also, keep in mind that there are legal claims that are time-bound – your immediate action is needed.

If you would like more information, simply head to our home page at Employment Lawyers in New York.

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