Employment Lawyers In New York Help Fight Discrimination

How can Employment Lawyers In New York Help You?

Employment Lawyers in New York Benefits

There are several growing and aggressive law firms in New York. These firms of employment lawyers in New York focus on the protection of the rights of employees in places where they spend most of their time – the workplace. The primary goal of employment lawyers in NY is to save employees from workplace environments that do not abide by Federal, State, and/or local employment laws. These lawyers specialize in defending the rights of workers in an attempt to maintain equal, fair, and just workplace environments. Many of them have significant experience in representing petitioners in all the different phases of litigation and in all kinds of forums. They help plaintiffs in many different areas, most especially workplace discrimination.

Different Areas of Workplace Discrimination

A New York employment lawyer can very well help you in protecting your rights against workplace discrimination. There are several kinds of workplace discrimination and these include

1. Discrimination and harassment due to ageEmployment lawyers in New York are well-versed in protecting workers from discrimination and harassment due to age. There are laws enforced to protect the rights of employees regardless of their age. For example, there are directives that make discrimination against job applicants and employees who are more than 40 years old illegal.

2. Constitutional law or civil rights claims – If you believe your constitutional or civil rights are being breached in your place of work, you may require the assistance of a New York City employment lawyer. An employment lawyer in New York can give you access to constitutional or civil rights resources that you will need in protecting your legal rights.

3. Discrimination and harassment due to creed- One of the major problems of employees all over the country is discrimination due to creeds observed while in the workplace. This is why there are NY employment lawyers available to represent victims of creed discrimination. They help protect workers who are considered as second-rate due to their religion, creed or beliefs.

4. Discrimination and harassment due to marital status – There is discrimination and harassment due to marital status when an employee is dealt with unfavorably by a supervisor, employer, co-worker or client due to his or her marital status: single, engaged in same-sex relations, married or divorced. This relates to all kinds of employment issues – including the hiring and selection process.

5. Defamation, slander and libel – Defamation is one of the most common offenses in the workplace. And it is good that you can seek advice from New York attorney about it. Defamation involves any form of false statements – whether spoken or written – intended to damage or hurt the reputation of an employer or employee. More specifically, written defamation is referred to as libel while spoken defamation is known as slander.

6. Discrimination and harassment due to disability – There are federal acts that protect people from workplace discrimination and harassment due to disability. Legal protection is available to qualified employees with disabilities. And to help prevent incidents of discrimination and harassment in the workplace due to disabilities, there are laws that require employers to make provisions for “reasonable accommodation” for employees with disabilities.

7. Employee benefits – Employee benefits refer compensation in non-wage forms that are provided to employees in addition to their basic salary. These include health plans, insurance plans, retirement plans, different kinds of lifestyle discounts, and relocation assistance. Generally, employee benefits are voluntary. If you believe you are being wrongfully denied of your benefits, you can turn to the proper federal agencies or seek advice from an employment lawyer in NY.

8. Discrimination and harassment due to race – Federal laws protects job applicants and employees from unfair decisions based on their race or ethnic origin. There is racial discrimination if an employer acts in a manner that unduly affects people of a certain race or ethnic origin. Harassment due to race includes any form of intimidation or offensive conduct, including racist jokes, that generates hostility in the workplace environment or negatively affects the work performance of an individual.

These are some forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. If you believe you are a victim of any of the aforementioned acts of discrimination and harassment, it is best to consult with employment lawyers in New York. In this way, you can have a better idea of what legal course of action can best remedy your situation.