Discrimination In The Workplace – Seeking Help From New York Employment Lawyers

Areas New York Employment  Lawyers can help youDisagreements in the place of work that concern employment often have a tremendous impact on the professional, as well as personal, lives of those involved. And to help those involved cope with the financial and emotional burdens of lawsuits that have something to do with discrimination and other employment disputes, they can turn to New York employment lawyers. These lawyers are ready to offer not only their time, but also their empathy, support, and confidentiality to people who need these in dealing with their employers and co-workers.

How can New York Employment Lawyer help you?

New York employment lawyers offer skilled and assertive representation to employees and executives, and help them defend their rights related to their work and their employment contract. If these rights are violated or breached, employees and executives are allowed redress and compensation. Employment lawyers in New York gives a voice to those who have fallen victims to unjust employment practices, giving them counsel on what strategies can be best followed in order to assert their rights, as well as resolve disputes. These lawyers have significant experience in representing employers and employees in matters that involve employment law.

Areas Where a New York Employment Discrimination Lawyer Can Help

Incidents of violations of the rights of employees, like sexual harassment, keep on occurring in practically every kind of industry and at each echelon of employment. If you deem your job applicant, employee or former employee rights have been violated, it is best to contact a reliable New York employment law firm so you can discuss more about your rights with understanding lawyers and legal professionals. These legal professionals can help you through competently handling employment claims that include but are not limited to

1. Sexual harassment – A reliable New York attorney understands that every employee, may he or she be an executive, manager or rank and file worker, is covered by Federal and State laws that have been designed to give protection to those who have fallen prey to unwelcome sexual advances. Sexual harassment also includes any kind of request for sexual favors, and physical or verbal conduct that is sexual in nature that may be subtle or pronounced.

2. Whistleblower claims – Recently, several whistleblowers have played a significant role in opening the eyes of the public to deceit, shortcomings, and criminal activities not only of individuals but most especially of organizations that involve respected executives, industries, and Federal agencies. If employees choose to report violations of law in the place of work and file claims, they pretty much expose themselves to reprisal from their employers, as well as colleagues. Due to these, whistleblowers are given certain special protection under federal and state laws to save them from unfair employer practices, like retaliatory termination.

3. Disability discrimination – A disability should not exclude a qualified person from finding employment. There are several laws that protect employees from discrimination in the workplace due to disability – including perceived disability. One can find an attorney in New York who is committed to standing up for the rights if workers and employers alike who have experienced discrimination due to a disability, regardless of the disability being temporary or permanent and regardless of whether or not the disability is merely perceived.

4. Age discrimination – As the population of American workforce grows older, more and more individuals become subject to discrimination in the workplace due to age. Age discrimination can be in several forms. These include job postings, interviews, hiring procedures, job assignments, compensation, discipline, job evaluations, promotion, demotion, and termination.

5. Gender discrimination – Several efforts have been made in order to have workplace environments that are fair and equal to all. However, different forms of discrimination, including gender discrimination, continue to exist. Gender discrimination can come in different forms, including hiring, job tasks, responsibilities, promotions, and termination based on the gender preference and behavior of an employee, manager or executive.

6. Pregnancy discrimination – During pregnancy, a female employee should not worry about the security of her job. However, several employers continue to discriminate against female employees who become pregnant. Fortunately, there are a number of laws that give protection from pregnancy discrimination to female employees.

These are some areas of employment laws wherein New York employment lawyers can help. It makes a difference to be aware of how employment lawyers can help so you know who and where you can turn to if you believe your employee rights are being breached.

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